Responding to customer demands. 

Rigid and Robust.  Just like its original cold war predecessors.

We have re-designed and produced a very attractive grip for the PM Makarov.  The Bulgarian variant for now.  And the E. German soon. And Russian when I get hold of one.

It is close to perfect in form fit and function as we have ever executed.

The fit is very nice.  Pay special attention to the joint under the beavertail of the frame. (this area changes with country of manufacture)

The ergonomic contours and integrated ambi-thumb rest make the Mak. even more of a pleasure to carry and plink at the range.  No more blocky geometry of the  old cold war originals.

Through powerful new software and recent improvements in our CNC capabilities we have enjoyed being able to offer you a product you demanded.  Look for more variants of this model and others in the future as we continue to learn and grow with your guidance.

Bulgarian Makarov Grip/ Rigid Plastic/ With New Screw