Our new slider holster is a molded version of an original leather holster created in-house.

The material is Polyurethane elastomer.  The same tough rubber the V.05BT grip is made from.

The holster geometry is formed directly from the pistol and offers locking features around the trigger guard. And other areas.  While, because of the flexibility, makes extraction smooth and positive.  

The holster offers properties that are difficult to discern from the original leather.  Only better!

Being sweat and water proof.  The molded features will not collapse or get washed out over time like leather.  And the rubber is non abrasive, unlike leather.

Rigidity where needed for support and suppleness where desired for comfort against various body types.

An integrated sweat tab will protect the upper frame from corrosive sweat.  And the cutaway feature under the front strap area will make a secure hold on the pistol grip.

The holster will be offered in various embossed hide finishes and three colors.

We decided on the slider type of holster to offer first for its versitility of positioning the sidearm depending on your activity.  Just slide it to your prefered position weather walking, or sitting in your car or at the table.

You will quickly realize the comfort, security,versitility and classy looks of the original, Polish Iron Grips, .25slider holster.

P-64 Holster

SKU: p64hol


    Can I return purchases?

    If you are having a problem with your purchase.  Please contact us first.  If it will not work for you it can be returned in resellable condition at your shipping cost.

    What’s the minimum order amount?

    There is no minium order amount

    Which countries do you ship to?

    We ship to all 50 United States only at this time.

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